TikTok Adds A “Topic” Option for Live Stream Videos

TikTok after its launch quickly became the fastest growing and one of the most used applications in the social media world. The short video creating app has a large audience which uses the platform to create videos and express themselves while a specific part of the audience is limited to watching and enjoying these videos.

Creators on TikTok have a large following in over millions and they have separate fan base among it as well and therefore those creators always want to be in touch with their followers. For this purpose, TikTok introduced the Live option, similar to Instagram and Facebook so that creators can talk and interact with their followers.

The Live option on the platform is doing very well and TikTok like other applications brings about changes in its already existing features on the application and this time a change was brought about in the Live video option. TikTok is introducing a new option in the already existing Live called “Topic.”

This feature was brought to the sights of the world by none other than the guy who manages to find hidden and unlaunched features in applications named Matt Navarra who got tip from @Sphinx.

The topic option will give users the ability to insert a title about what the Live they are doing is related to and there are several built in options to select the topic from which range from none, music, dance, beauty and fashion, fitness and sports, pop culture, outdoors and a few others. Among this one topic can be selected to let the followers know what the creator has set the live stream about and this will help them to decide whether the live is of their interest or not and if they do want to join what questions and queries would be answered in the live.

TikTok is doing very great so far and has managed to gather an army along with itself who enjoy the platform very much. Apart from this the large following of the platform and the millions of followers the creators have has made the platform a great place for brands to market themselves and have given the content creators on the application a way to earn through collaborating with the brands. For all this the live option plays a great role as the creators get a chance to interact with their audience and also let them know about the products they are marketing and through the topics option they can now add a title to display what live they are conducting.

TikTok has always managed to bring great tools and features and we are sure they have a lot of new things hidden in store for us and we cannot wait to see what they are.

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