Twitter is expanding its test of new ‘’Professional Profiles’’, which will provide opportunities for brands and creators to represent themselves on the platform

Twitter has a large number of audiences on its platform and therefore, Twitter wants the businesses to grow on and connect to the powerful and passionate audiences, and these businesses can make an impact and drive strong results from this platform. Twitter has recently rolled out a live test of its new ‘Professional Profile’ that can provide an opportunity for creators and brands to represent themselves in front of millions of people, with dedicated instruments and features aligned specifically with work use on this platform.

Twitter has elaborated that this professional profile is the latest tool that will enable brands, non-profits, publishers, creators, and anyone who is using this platform for work to display particular information about the nature of their business directly on their business profile. Twitter further said that this small ground of business in the US and will provide further access to other accounts to this professional profile soon. The professional profile has more options including the profile frame, an updated layout, address, and contact information of the business so that more audience can easily connect with the business. As it is a great occasion for businesses that want to start or grow their existing business online especially during the quarantine situation where they can have such a powerful audience.

However, the format that has shown in today’s publication is a bit different from the one that the platform has presented in a preview of its professional profile last month that had more options like business categories and badge types. This format does not confirm the inclusion of other new elements such as product displays panel or image gallery of items that are still in development. Twitter has said that it is still in the early days of testing therefore, only a small group of brands are allowed on this app, as this profile goes further, will provide new ways for brands to maximize their potential on Twitter. Creating an individual profile like Facebook and Instagram can facilitate a range of new chances for the platform in regards to the promotion of businesses and creating new opportunities for brands and simultaneously for Twitter as well.

This business profile can also facilitate the launches of new products, streamlined ad opportunities, news tools, and many more. This new profile will decide where Twitter can go in e-Commerce through in-streamed product displays, looks like no bargainer given the broader shift towards online shopping which many other platforms are working to align with. These are still the starting days as Twitter is getting feedback from this test.

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