Instagram is planning to link WhatsApp account in business profile from which you can choose to receive messages on WhatsApp when creating an ad promotion

Instagram is a place for billions of users from all over the world where people share thousands of photos every second. Instagram has also provided a platform to businesses where they can get a large number of passionate audiences and it has provided a convenient business profile feature where you can tag products directly in an Instagram post. This means that business accounts can share content with direct links to their product pages, which makes it convenient for the users to click the product they want and tap on the buy option. Now, Instagram wants to increase the business activity, therefore, it is working on a feature from which the business can choose to receive more messages on WhatsApp when creating a promotion. You will get different goal-setting options from your promotion that whether you want more profile visits, or you want more website visits, or you want to receive more messages, as tweeted by Alessandro Paluzzi.

You can link your WhatsApp number with your business profile on Instagram that you have created. This contact information will make it easy for the customers to connect with you and therefore, you can increase your sales by receiving more messages on WhatsApp. This might be similar to Messenger and Instagram DM that you can link both and receive more messages. This will also increase the engagement of more users. Facebook has already introduced a payment option on WhatsApp and then it introduced a shopping online feature where you can do online shopping while sitting anywhere. Now, this is also a good idea to link WhatsApp account to Instagram business profile and the customers will easily find your business number and contact you anytime. You can link your WhatsApp account on the Instagram Business profile by tapping on the contact option; you will find the option of WhatsApp under business email.

Now your business can set the goal of receiving more messages while making a promotion, you can easily get reviews of your product on WhatsApp, sales invoices, after-sales feedbacks of customers, and many more through messages. Instagram has not yet made an announcement for the launch of this feature, however, it is estimated that business profile will see this feature in the near future. Facebook is slightly making its owned apps a business hub by connecting one with other.

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