Reddit has officially announced ‘’Reddit Talk’’, a Clubhouse clone where users can voice chat in the social media app’s subreddits

Like every social media platform, Reddit has been looking at the popularity of audio social closely, with a view to how it might familiarize the same for its platform due to the reason that many people are attracted to this audio feature, so it is the best time to launch a similar feature like Clubhouse clone. Reddit has become the latest platform to introduce its very own version of Clubhouse and its live audio service is in initial testing and you have to register your interest via a waitlist if you want to check it out. Reddit’s voice chat experience has a very Clubhouse-like feel with a larger avatar for utterers at the top of the room, and then listeners below than that.

The product manager of Reddit said that this feature is a bit different because the platform’s pseudo-anonymous nature allows users to have more reliable and authentic conversations. During the trial period, only moderators are able to start an audio chat within subreddits and they can mute participants and remove the speakers during the live session if they see a problem and they can ban the annoying users. The team of Reddit is planning to make this feature available to all members to spark audio conversations and connect. All the members of Reddit will be able to join a room and react to emojis.

Reddit also explained to its users that they can currently use the text threads, images, videos, chats, and live streams to have a talk and hang out with the other members of their communities. Reddit wants to partner with you to find a new way of communicating with each one. As Facebook is looking to bring its audio feature like Clubhouse to groups in the initial stage due to the reason of enhancing connections in the dedicated communities, audio rooms will fit better within Reddit, because of the reason that it is already hosting a wide range of highly engaged communities focused on particular topics.

Reddit is now working on many tools to increase its real-time engagement and connections over the past few years, with new functions like live-streaming and in-app messaging, so that users can connect in a better way with each other. Reddit tried out some random group conversations with a similar approach to audio social, as Reddit added a new ‘’Start Chatting’’ prompt within particular subreddits which when selected, launched an enclosed group discussion of 5 members at one time for the same community.

Audio social rooms will provide a means for the users of Reddit to enhance their interactions within the community by dropping into a real-time chat about their interest-related topics and the other people of the app they know.

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