Reddit is testing a voice-chat feature similar to Clubhouse, which is still in the early stage of development

Reddit is a network of communities that is based on the interests of people; they can find the community according to their interest and can become a part of it. However, Reddit is silently exploring a new feature of voice-chat just like Clubhouse, which is still in the early stage of development as the Clubhouse is getting much popularity and it is evident through its rivals which are continuously testing to build a similar app to get the most of the traffic to their platform. Reddit is now making this test confidential, seems like it wants to make an announcement when the company will launch this feature.

According to Mashable, the company is testing the new feature with some selected partners from the subreddit. This shows that the company is exploring the voice-chat feature in its powers-up program. This will handle the additional features of the app and will also suggest that only those members are able to participate in the powers-up programs that have purchased the minimum threshold of powers-up subscriptions. So, the company will not put the name as voice-chat rather it will be part of Reddit’s powers-up program and this was introduced in 2020. And the feature of powers-up programs that was promised earlier including the ability to upload and stream a video of HD quality and inline GIFs while commenting. Related perks are available on suspiciously specific Subreddit where you can unlock the collective perk for a whole community like HD quality video, GIFs replies, custom emojis, and hero status, and a large limit of uploading, with a monthly subscription of $4.99.

Reddit is the only one of many rivals of Clubhouse that really wants to adopt this voice-chat feature and it can even go too far in an experiment to give its users an impressive feature to get a more solid users’ following. Many other social media platforms are trying to introduce a voice-chat feature, for instance, Twitter launched Spaces in early March to get more traffic to its platform, while Facebook’s new product experiment was announced this week that the company is working on the same feature to compete the Clubhouse.

Reddit has been asked many times to confirm the development of this new feature and give some details about this feature, but the company didn’t respond, means that the company wants to make this testing secret.

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