Pinterest Content Claiming Portal Will Give Users the Copyright to Their Content

Pinterest is an aesthetic itself. The content discovery network provides users to search and look up new and creative ideas of different settings, DIYs and a lot more and the platform is a calm and peaceful place where you can just be creative and wait for more ideas to pop up. The content on the platform has provided many people with ideas on how to set your bedroom, how to spice things up and just helps them to be creative in general. However, content on Pinterest gets moved around a lot as other people can share it on their profile without giving the original creator any credits and hence multiple content of the same image is present on the app and this reduces the traffic to the original more deserving creator of the content.

Pinterest realized that such activities were happening on its platform and that users were not happy about it as they wanted more control over where their content appears, including the ability to remove existing and future versions of their content. The platform has always been a way for creators, brands and publishers worldwide to feature their content and build value and in order to solve this problem which their creators were facing the company has introduced a new Content Claiming Portal. The new content claiming portal consist of an application which users can fill in order to have a copyright claim on their content and protect it from being stolen by other accounts.

Once the users have submitted the application they will receive an approval to upload their original content and choose from these enforcement options which are as follows:

Mine only: Existing and future versions of the image will be removed from Pinterest, except those in Pins originally saved by the creator.

Website only: Existing and future versions of the image will be removed from Pinterest, except those that link to the creator’s claimed website or websites.

Block all: All existing and future versions of the image will be removed from Pinterest.

After this the platform will delete any content which it thinks is a matching image of the original user’s work.

This is a great initiative by Pinterest because a lot of hard work goes in by the content creators in the work which they put up and even if their content being spread around is not a bad thing, it being spread without them getting credits sure is. Especially when this reduces the traffic to their account and we believe this is a great step by the platform.

The content claiming portal is available to a small number of audience and when will it be launched for a larger public is unknown as of yet.

Image credit: Bloomberg | Getty Images

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