YouGov Research Reveals Consumer Concerns About Big Tech’s Control Over Data

One of the most pressing issues in the world right now has to do with technology, how it can be used as well as how major corporations working within this industry are able to manipulate and take advantage of their data in order to generate profits. It can be easy to say that people don’t really like that things like this are occurring at this current point in time, but it is important to note that one can’t base any decisions on opinions and the like.

Data is needed before concrete action can be taken because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing said action to be a little more conscientious of the various factors involved. YouGov recently conducted surveys to figure out how consumers truly feel about the kind of power that big tech companies currently have, and the thing to note here is that for the most part they seem to feel like major technology giants have a little too much control which is something that definitely needs to change.

To put this into perspective, a group of people were asked if they agree or disagree with the statement that big tech companies have too much control over data. About 73% of respondents agreed with the statement, with 21% they were unsure and only 6% agreeing with the statement. The US is seeing a major policy shift that may just result in increased regulation of tech companies and how they can take advantage of various kinds of data, and the thing to note here is that if this new legislation has public support then there is a pretty good chance that it will go through and change the face of the tech industry as a whole.

This seems to be an international issue as well, with 75% of adult respondents in both Spain and the United Kingdom agreeing with the statement. Even regions that appear to be relatively unconcerned still have more than 50% of respondents saying that they agree that big tech has a little too much control over data which is an indication that this problem is most likely not going to go away anytime soon at all.

Younger respondents seem a little less concerned but even there nearly 60% agreed with the statement. This trepidation seems to get a bit higher as the target demographic gets older, so this might have something or the other to do with older consumers not really understanding why their data is being used or what it might just end up getting used for.

Whatever the case may be, the public’s concerns give policy makers and legislators a mandate to reign in tech companies. Major corporations such as Facebook have been getting accused of various kinds of privacy violations for quite some time now, so it’s not hard to see why people are starting to take up the cause against them in this regard. It will be interesting to see where things go from here because a lot of tech companies might just need to figure out how to navigate a much more restricted landscape.

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