Google is testing FLoC on Chrome users from all over the world, here’s how to discover whether you are the part of this FLoC test

The users of Google Chrome have now entered automatically into Google’s new tracking method which is named FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). For those who don’t know what FLoC is, basically, FLoC is a method for browsers to enable advertising based on the activities and interests of users. It works by collecting the data of users through their browsing history and then gathering the groups of users who same activities into Cohorts. The algorithms that are used to make those Cohorts mostly observe the URLs of the websites that the users searched and the content of those sites. The data about Cohorts are then used for advertising purposes.

The important thing to understand is that Google does not personally track the person through their names or identities; rather, it tracks and groups the person with similar activities. Advertisers were used to targeting the third-party cookies which could help them to track specific individuals, but now with FLoC, users are put into Cohorts, based on their activities and putting an extra layer of anonymity that can maintain the privacy of the users.

There is no way to opt out without restricting the third-party cookies that break other websites normally. According to a report, more than 10 million people are anonymously part of this track. Many people and one organization say that through FLoC, the fingerprint is easy that can target such people in some other ways. They have now made a website named from where users can check whether they are a part of the trail or not. The website’s page note that Google is trailing users through FLoC and Google says that it will affect only 0.5% of users in these picked regions including Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, and America. This website will tell you whether you are a part of this test or not.

Google is planning to expand this trail from 0.5% to 5% in the future which is more than 100 million users; however, this trail can also take those who left out of this. If you don’t want to be a part of this trial, you may change the browser which does not support FLoC like Microsoft Edge.

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