PC shipments shows a massive surge in Q1 as consumers demand remains high

The global shipments of Personal Computers that include desktops, notebooks, and workstations have grown 55.2% over the year. Researchers of the IDC say that there has been a great shift in the PC market after the COVID-19 hit the world as work and learning from home was the new lifestyle of the world. The research also says that the demand for Personal Computers has been increasing since 2020 and it will continue to increase for the next few years.

In the starting when the pandemic hit the world there was a decline in manufacturing and hence causing a sharp decline in the shipments of the PC but now IDC confirms that the shipments have increased in the Q2 because the remote working and schooling have grown over the last year despite the economy has been shut down. All the business and schooling have been shifted to remote working and learning hence the demand for the PC and laptops has increased over the year because of which the shipments have increased about 11.2 percent than that of the last year. IDC claims that during the pandemic the demand for laptops caused PC shipments in the US to rise to a level that was not seen over the decade.

IDC also gives notes that the office employees are in need of powerful notebooks and the school and university students require laptops with touch screens. And with all of these demands, the gamers are demanding new PCs so they can play games in the period of this pandemic.

Some of the analytics of IDC say that the accumulation for PCs was vast across the business, consumer, and education community. But now the shortages in the semiconductor of the computer is making it difficult for the suppliers to refill the demand of the PCs and to fulfill the order of the customers. Although the demand for PCs and laptops is increasing day by day and this presents a significant opportunity for the growth of the PC market but the ongoing shortage of computer chips may limit the production of the computer and can restrict the growth o the companies.

According to the analysis of Canalys researchers, it is said that the companies can produce devices that can squeeze through most of 2021 and the starting of 2022 but they will not be able to fulfill all the customer’s needs. This means that the shortage of the chips will cause a lot of problems for the companies to fulfill the customer’s demand that is increasing day bay day due to this pandemic.

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