APKPure and Huawei App Store Both Have Been Affected by Malwares Very Recently

All devices can easily be affected by malwares if not provided the correct security and at times even with the proper anti viruses they still can get affected. Very recently, APKPure which is an alternative app store of outside Google Play was affected by a malware this week and the malware allowed threat actors to distribute Trojans to Android devices.

This was first reported by two researchers Doctor Web and Kaspersky who alerted us with the information that the version 3.17.18APKPure has been infected and it is tricking unsuspecting users into downloading and installing malicious applications linked to the malicious code built into the APKpure app.

They further explained that the Trojan being spread on the Android devices is part of the most dangerous Android Triada malware family and is capable of downloading, installing and uninstalling software without users' permission.

The malware can affect your device by showing ads on your lock screen, by opening browser tabs, collect information about the device, and most unpleasant of all, download other malware affecting your device further more.

However, in response to this malware the app store company APKPure has launched a new software version 3.17.19 on 9th April that is said to fix this malware when updated.

However, such malicious activities are very common and APKpure was not the only third party app that was affected by such a malware. The Doctor Web researchers also said that they had found 10 apps in Huawei’s App Gallery that were compromised with the Joker (or Bread) Trojans and that this is the first time any malware has been detected in Huawei’s App Store.

The decoy apps have taken the form of a virtual keyboard, camera, and messaging apps from three different developers and come with hidden codes to connect to a command-and-control (C2) server to download additional payloads that are responsible for automatically subscribing device users to premium mobile services without providing them with any knowledge.

Though Huawei has hidden the app listing from its App Store now, the people who had already installed the apps that were infected are still at risk and will remain at it until they uninstall those apps.

The list of some applications that have been affected by Joker on Huawei’s App Store are like Super Keyboard, Happy Color, Fun Color, New 2021 Keyboard, Camera MX – Photo Video Camera, BeautyPlus Camera, Color Rolling Icon, Funny Meme Emoji, Happy Tapping, All-in-One Messenger.

Malwares are inevitable at times and while companies are fighting and trying their best to make sure their devices and apps are least affected by such targeted malwares it still is a long way before we can get near that.

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