Google Enlarges Search Results for Product Reviews and Introduces a Bell Icon for Image Searches

Google is the most used search engine for people to get answers to their queries or simply to search something up. The tech giant knows the impact it has in the world therefore it introduces new and unique features and tools on its search engine in order to make the platform a friendlier to use space.

The search giant has therefore introduced two new features on their platform very recently which will be doing great in terms of helping people search things on the web as well as keep them updated about things they are interested in.

The first update is the changes that have been brought in the Google Product reviews which shows that the product review feature in Google has gotten bigger than it was before. Saad AK and Glenn Gabe along with many others posted screenshots of products reviews which showed that many new product boxes were introduced in there by the company. According to the screenshots posted by Saad the Google products display appear on the search in tile like designs and each tile will be affiliated with a different website that sells the product.

While Glenn posted saying that Google tests for queries yielding product review content in three different styles that is large cards on mobile for affiliate review content, large image thumbnails leading to Google Images for affiliate content and super-large images in the SERP.

However, product reviews do not directly impact these e commerce websites according to search engine roundtable but rather they impact content sites that do big content review write ups on products. That is because most e-commerce sited don't really do product review writing at such a huge scale.

Google is currently testing what style they should keep for their product reviews on search so let see what stays and what goes when the final result is displayed.

Another feature that we have been seeing for some time now is the bell icon being displayed on the image carousel box and Saad also spotted this back in March and decided to enlighten us with what this feature will do.

From a screenshot he posted on Twitter we came to know that when you search for something on Google images and while scrolling through your search you tap onto the bell icon it will notify Google that you are interested in this content and then the search engine will push more information about that topic via Google Discover and maybe Google Alerts.

While this bell notification icon may seem weird on the Image search but Google must have thought through when launching this feature and therefore the tech giant must have a solid explanation for the introduction of this feature as well.

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