Facebook is partnering up with different organizations to spread awareness related to the Covid-19 vaccine on communities who don’t get much exposure

After a lot of efforts, more and more people have become aware of the COVID-19 vaccine and are getting encouraged enough to get vaccinated. Different social media platforms have also come forward to develop features and tools that can put out the positive points of the vaccine. One of such platforms is Facebook, which is using its platform to bring out the vaccine to the people who don’t get much exposure to the media and who probably don’t even know what the vaccine is and why it is important to get vaccinated.

Facebook regarding this campaign has said that its is for everyone who play their role into helping the people all across the globe get vaccinated against this deadly virus and the money that will be raised during this campaign will go to an international funding organization called COVAX (Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access). The first $20 collected in the campaign will first go to Facebook Fundraisers that was created recently in United Stated of America, United Kingdom, Germany and Norway by the United Nations Foundation. The social media platform itself has donated $5 million to Go Give One which is another Covid-19 fundraising campaign by the World Health Organization.

Facebook is in search of content that can help spread more awareness about the vaccine from its associates that are working with it during this Covid-19 pandemic. The tech giant is looking for ways to expand its messages across communities who are not supported enough through the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index to help identify communities who need more than usual help to get vaccinated and to spread the awareness. It will be working with UNICEF to get more exposure to this messaging information and help it circulate around those communities. To help highlight this more, Facebook will be making more highlights related to vaccine and health information in the News Feeds for its users who belong to such communities. In the United Kingdom, Facebook is working along with Dope Black Dads, the Caribbean African Health Network and the British Islamic Medical Association and in the United States it has partnered up with Kaiser Family Foundation, BlackDoctor.org and health care workers to answer questions related to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Along with all of this, Facebook’s vaccine awareness promotion posts also include in-app prompts which will help increase the awareness of local vaccines. The app has also introduced vaccine stickers, profile frames both on its own platform and Instagram and have also set out some strict rules if someone is found sharing misinformation related to the vaccine.

All of these efforts are not at all witnessed on any other platform and Facebook at the moment has the highest reach related to the vaccine on its platform.

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