A brief overview of the stats about global search engine market share, according to the data collected by StatCounter

In the world of technology, you don’t have to go to the library now to search for any type of information, now life has become so easy for all of us where we can go to the search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. and search for any information in a matter of seconds and most importantly, we can find the key information at the top of the list so we don’t have to scan each and every page to get the key information. However, here the question arises that which search engine should we use? Here are the brief stats which show the most to least used search engines and their ratios on Desktop, Mobiles, and Tablets.

Google is no doubt at the top of the list in most used search engine all over the world for many years as if we talk about the stats of last 12 months, 92.05% of people have used Google search engine all over the world, however around 88% people in the US have used Google as their primary search engine. 6.16% of people in the US have used Bing as their search engine in the last 12 months. Yahoo search engine is at third in the US where around 2.96% of people have used this search engine. DuckDuckGo has a market share of 2.44% in the US. Esocia and MSN have the percentage of 0.13% and 0.04% in the US. It means that only less than even 1% of people use MSN which means people don’t find key information on MSN as they find the most important information on Google. Google was the most used search engine in the US in the year 2016 where more than 83% of people used this search engine which means that more people are shifting to this search engine. And no other search engine platform is no way near it. If we talk about worldwide search engine which search engine is at the second number it is Bing (which is owned by Microsoft) as 2.69% of people all over the world have used Bing, Yahoo is at third number with the percentage of 1.47%. What’s different is DuckDuckGo the least used search engine globally.

If we talk about the platform that people used while searching their related information of different platforms like Desktop, Mobiles, and on Tablets. Almost 95% if users have used Google on their mobile device, 1.8% people have used Baidu worldwide. The rest of the people in the world have used other search engines. More than 91% of people have used the Google search engine on mobile which is the fastest and interesting way to get information Google search engine has gained a moment since it’s launched. Some percentages has changed according to the demand of the people and platforms online a person have to search for the information. Google is no doubt at the top of the list for many years and it has become equally important on all the platforms such as mobile, desktop, and tablets. YANDEX and DuckDuckGo are the least positions.

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