Facebook will soon allow more brands to create Facebook ads using WhatsApp's business tools

Facebook is working hard to make WhatsApp a comprehensive platform for business dealings and personal use. Along with this, the company is also aiming to include more advertising opportunities for brands on WhatsApp in order to draw attention of their message-based connection choices.

However, displaying ads in WhatsApp is not a friendly option as advertising in direct messaging forums have proved to be ineffective. WhatsApp status is also not a good option either. Alternatively, Facebook is working on a new feature for businesses on WhatsApp to help them to build Facebook ads using their WhatsApp business tools, which will then connect back to their WhatsApp profile, allowing them to capitalize on the mutual strength of the two platforms.

Clearly, brands have been willing to create Facebook ads that connects then to their WhatsApp for so long, all they have to do is to do so via Facebooks’ Ad Manager. This new method of creating Facebook ads would have the same features within WhatsApp. This seems to be a big step towards platform promotional tools.

According to CNN, the procedure would depend on WhatsApp Business collections to gather product details for Facebook advertising. Business owners will be allowed to easily transform a product from their catalog into a Facebook or Instagram ad with a click that directs viewers over to their WhatsApp handle, says the company. This essentially provides new bi-promotional opportunities for companies on WhatsApp but the value will restricted as it depends on how many viewers among the targeted audience uses both apps. This concern will not create an issue in Western countries as the number of people who uses both of these apps are huge. Let’s say, WhatsApp is said to have about 70 million users in the United States, while Facebook has over 200 million, so the overlap between the two will be large.

In case of India, situation is little different as WhatsApp is much more successful than Facebook, which has 320 million. Ideally, Facebook would prefer to use its innovative business tools to leverage on the success of WhatsApp in India, however this new cross-promotional approach might not be the best way to do so.

However, it is yet another promotion method that will assist in driving more people to the WhatsApp profile. And luckily, if the targeted audience uses both apps, then this might be a great time to initiate WhatsApp business process and as the app's eCommerce capabilities improve, this will become a more important factor to look into.

As per Facebook, majority of the business are now accessing click to WhatsApp ads on Facebook that is ultimately boosting the demand and it could be a strong promotional practice to change the digital marketing game.

According to Facebook, the new feature will be available soon.

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