New study shows how much Google's Core Web Vitals will be affecting websites SEO efforts if they don’t offer good user experience

SearchMetrics which is a company that makes decisions related to content and search on powerful data analytics, recently conducted an analysis where they found out that 96 percent of the search results from desktops and 90 percent of them from mobile, apparently fail to meet the three usability measures from Google, that is that the websites that are ranked as Google’s top 20 search results fail to meet good user experiences. The Core Web Vitals are a set of measures that includes three of them, one related to speed, the other to responsiveness and the last one to visual stability, according to Google the Core Web Vitals is actually the largest tool in terms of content. The Core Web Vitals is to be launched in June.

The three Core Web Vitals measures are said to be good for website performance and usability and those websites which will not meet with them will be at risk in terms of rankings which will of course impact the site overall. According to the study, over 2 million web pages from the top 20 Google search results in US, UK and Germany were analyzed. There actually seems to be a positive relationship between the pages that have been ranked higher and that perform well on the Core Web Vitals metric, thus this tells us that those sites which offer good usability are rewarded by Google. A the moment the websites at the 2 or 3 ranking in Google’s top search results do work according to the Core Web Vitals metric.

Wikipedia, which is the world’s online encyclopedia, works well with the Core Web Vitals metrics as well and this tells the level of user experience which Wikipedia must have set out for its users and this might have been possible due to the minimal web layout, text and images the site has layed out. However, YouTube which is a Google owned video platform was also found to be at one of the higher ranks, and according to the Core Web Vitals metrics, it does not go well in terms of usability. This might be subjected to change as well as Core Web Vitals is yet to launch in June and YouTube as being a brand recognized app might be getting an advantage due to this.

Google’s Core Web Vitals are set out to be able to tell user experiences on websites in the three most essential areas. There are some websites that don’t live up to the users’ expectation and through this they can get an idea of how much they need to first put their users’ usability first. The Core Web Vitals will be included in Google’s search algorithm for Google to be able to rank the websites in terms of usability. Obviously, the websites which get good rankings from Google will get them a positive impact.

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