Clubhouse is finally allowing more than 60K creators to make money on the platform

In the beginning of this month, Clubhouse is launched into beta testing, since then it has been steadily increasing its accessibility to payments for creators to generate revenue. Clubhouse announced in early April that a limited number of creators will be able to receive payments from fans and supporters via the social audio app. Clubhouse mentioned that the complete 100 percent donations will be given to creators.

Despite the fact that experiments started with only 1,000 users, Clubhouse announced this weekend that payments were now available to another 60K plus users in the United States, according to the company's Town Hall weekly gathering. It also predicts that payments will be distributed to everyone in the next few weeks.

Such a rapid rate of growth for an app that is now facing competition from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, and LinkedIn. Clubhouse will be able to maintain its top creators effectively only if payments will be given more quickly. Or else, they may be enticed to leave for a rival app with a larger audience.

After the release of the original test, around 66,000 creators earned the opportunity to receive payments this weekend, according to Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison. In order to send money, go to the creator’s profile then click on the send money option present at the bottom. This will bring up a screen with suggested amounts such as $5, $10, or $20, or can type in the desired amount. Stripe powers the function, which reportedly demands a debit or credit card to use.

Davison reiterated that creators would obtain the entire amount sent by users, whereas transaction fees will be charged to Stripe to compensate transaction processing fees. The platform also clarified some speculation about who will be the first to receive payment approval, stating that users didn't have to create a "club" on Clubhouse to become eligible. Instead, according to Davison, the app prioritized users who had been involved lately and had no complaints. The initial testers, on the other hand, were mostly drawn at random.

The company is also looking forward to consider subscription feature for its creators and clubs. Clubhouse also planned to update its creators first program. This program was released during last month. This will allow only selected creators to get the equipment, they will be supported for marketing and promotion, and even provided help to receive income and welcome guests.

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