Facebook to Allow Developers Access to More Types of Data Through Limited Login

Logging into an app is usually as simple as connecting the app with your Facebook account. This allows you to connect to everything using a single account rather than having to make a separate account for each and everything you take part in and subsequently trying your best to remember the passwords to all of these accounts as well. The classic login generally gave apps permission to access all kinds of data from a particular kind of user, but after Apple changed its policies to give users more control over the data they handed over a new type of login was created which was called the limited login.

A limited login allows apps to get data for a single event, and this data can be quite limited. Users can control what kinds of data they want to hand over, and up until now the types of data were quite restricted as well. Facebook has now given app developers more options in terms of data types they can request from age ranges, friend information as well as a couple of other things being added into the mix.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that users will still have the final word with regards to what data they can offer and what they would prefer to keep private. However, developers being able to ask for more varieties of data is definitely something that will help them get the best results possible in a lot of ways. Prior to this only basic data such as names and email addresses along with profile pictures could be requested, so a diverse set of options will enable developers to work their way around the new restrictions that have arisen which are complicating things to an extent.

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