Digital Monuments are being installed in Los Angeles by Snapchat with the help of Augmented Reality

In partnership with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art shortly known as LACMA, Snapchat has Introduced a new digital art project. In this project, five virtual monuments are placed in Los Angeles that will play an important role in exploring the history as well as will be representing different communities over the region.

According to the video posted on YouTube this week, by the official page of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Michael Govan, the director of the LACMA explained that the newly installed digital monuments will only be viewable to those with Snapchat’s Snap camera, and will be empowering the users to get interacted with the digital installations . This project will also be opening up for audiences all around the world.

Snapchat said that the digital project is designed in a way to experience the different locations around the city via Snapchat Camera. Users can find these Installation at sites including MacArthur Park, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as well. Local people, who lives nearby by the areas mentioned can access these digital monuments with the help of the markers placed on the Snap Map. This project is another example of how Augmented Reality or commonly known as AR could be used as an artistic medium in the modern artworks.

Previously back in 2017, the first major AR art installation was launched by Snapchat. This was made possible with the help of artists including Jeff Koons who helped in placing digital artwork at various locations that could be inspected by the Snapchat users. Not only this, but Damien Hirst, a British painter also worked with Snapchat on an artwork that was inspired by charity as well in Carnaby Street in London, a collaborative art work based on AR was also launched. AR became center of attention in 2016, when the famous Pokémon Go was introduced to the world and with the help of AR the interaction with the Pokémon that was superimposed on the real world was made possible.

With such collaborative work, Snapchat aims to give a new pathway to AR instead of AR being considered as something that only takes part in unreal and unusual things , it could be established as a pure art form and all of this could be made possible if a platform is provided that can host these new ideas to a larger audience. This new digital monuments installation project could be more important than it seems to be because such projects allows Snapchat to promote AR that is gradually pacing up and catching momentum and will soon be available in many devices. With this , Snapchat is also providing new ideas and new methods for the artists to get in connection with their audience.

It is evident now that the upcoming generation will be more involved in AR and soon regular art galleries will be investing in AR tools to help the emerging artists and things will shift towards augmented reality while Snapchat will remain an important part of this shift.

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