Creators on Clubhouse can now monetize their content after the introduction of new Payment method

Clubhouse, the invitation only audio chat application currently available for iOS users only, has recently decided to update this app and is planning to bring in a payment feature so the users can pay off their favorite podcasters with tip.

Initially this payment feature will only be available for a test group and will be made public after its successful trial. By starting this monetization feature, the users will be able to send their favorite speaker desired amount based on their content, but this is not the only step that will be taken by this new feature as other applications including YouTube has already introduced the monetization feature for the content it hosts for different YouTubers, as compared to this the Clubhouse has decided that no money will be taken in as a commission other than just a very small amount that will be required to register for the card processing. This deduction will be handled by Stripe, which is the payment processing partner. In reply to the blog post that went up for this feature, which stated that 100% of the payment will go to the creator and the one who will be sending this money to their favorite creator, will be paying a very small amount that will be handled by the payment processing partner. In his reply, the CEO of Stripe, appreciated the efforts by stating that it is cool, to see a social media platform (Clubhouse) whose prime focus is creators Income instead of privatized advertisement or monetization.

The method for sending payment is as easy as the concept behind it, all that need to be done is that user need to go to the profile of the creator to whom they are willing to tip, if the send money option is enabled by the creator, the user can simply just tap the send money option and can add the amount they want to send and the creator will receive the same amount without any deduction.

Clubhouse is hoping that by introducing this new payment method, the app will attract many new podcasters, it will provide them a supporting ground on which they can utilize their talking skills to earn money. Clubhouse in comparison to YouTube and Twitch, is just a single year old company, however it is attracting many users and is now at 1 billion dollars worth. The developers of this application believe that the app can do much more than this, right now it is only available for iOS users only as compared to Twitter Spaces that has already made its way for desktop as well and previously to android and iPhone users too, just like them, Apple’s Clubhouse is also planning to increase its reach by making this available for both Android and Desktop users. Such rapid developments, despite the fact that the app had to face criticism for spreading misinformation regarding Covid-19 and misogyny in its early stages, has already started to give off their results with the stats showing a rapid increase in the rate of new users registering themselves with this app to connect with others .

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