Zuckerberg says that Virtual Reality ventures could include realistic avatars

Technology is becoming more alive. With every passing year, we observe big progress in the technological world that is leading to the opening of new opportunities and experiences. Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the leading technological fields that is continuously progressing towards immense innovation. It’s getting realistic than ever!

Don’t know what Virtual Reality is? In simple words: it is an artificial stimulation through which you can interact with an artificial three-dimensional environment by making use of electronic devices such as special googles along with a screen, and also sensor-fitted gloves.

Recently, Facebook has been spotted exploring virtual reality and thinking of introducing realistic avatars. Reports suggest that while having an interview with TheInformation, the CEO of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg informed that the giant social media company is planning to deeply look into virtual and augmented reality with the Oculus VR device. He also assured that “realist avatars” would be a step ahead of talking to someone on a voice or a video call. The company is putting its best to make its imagination of bringing authentic eye contact and displaying the user’s personality into reality.

While we are away from our loved ones and living in foreign countries we always wish to meet them. Facebook is working to let your dreams come true. You will be able to meet them in actuality, said Zuckerberg while informing The Information. This is not just limited to a meeting, rather you will be lucky enough to use VR to play games, get your work done, take out other objects and observe them as virtual objects, and much more.

After 2020, most of which went mostly virtual, VR heads is a fantastic concept that no longer seems strange. This year, in January Facebook, is to launch its first smart glasses in collaboration with the glasses maker known as “Luxottica.” Bosworth says that the glasses are unlike the concept of augmented reality. However, it will be fulfilling most of the concepts that are considered under the augmented reality.

Oculus Quest 3 and 4 headsets are already under Facebook’s observation, added Zuckerberg. The company is intending to introducing it to include face tracking and eye tracking in the upcoming generations of the hardware. Zuckerberg seemed excited and overwhelmed to see eye-tracking and face tracking becoming a reality. He said that if social media excites you, then you must be eager to make sure that not even a single sensor is missing in the sensor that animate realistic avatars in actual to make your communication more interesting and engaging. Let’s see how this new advancement in technology makes the world a better place and helps us to live our best.

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