With the latest improvements in the Search, Google aims to make people aware of the trending news

Google News has been the same since its launch, Google did not work much to make an update in the news search. Google is understandably hesitant to make any adjustments to the system. They do not want to mess around with the original feature and keeps the search functions as simple as possible for many years.

However, today marks the start of a change for news reporting that occurs in Search. This update was due for so long and finally, Google decided to work on its news coverage. Back in 2018, Google first launched its Google Full coverage feature. In 2019, Google reported that soon Search will be available too. Now in 2021, that feature is live to use and it provides extra news coverage including background and context.

The goal of the feature is to make it easier for people to realize what's going on within the news tab, particularly when it comes to complex topics that are constantly evolving. People used to be clueless about the surrounding news and didn’t find the news interesting. The sole purpose of this update is to help people to become more aware of the current situations. For these kinds of topics, a new tap option will be added as “more news on”. This will appear underneath the news coverage and takes the reader to additional links that are supposed to provide more coverage sites from other publishers. The additional links will show up new categories from top news to local news allowing the reader to get various perspectives.

News and headlines that stay in the spotlight for a longer time (for example the pandemic) will be replaced with relevant news that can add more meaning alongside. For such bigger stories, the previous history will be available on Google full coverage feature. The tap option will be there as an overview of the previous history to know the story in detail and clear out the confusion.

In a nutshell, if a reader is not being able to give more time to major story breaks then Google will make it easier by gathering background information and providing different points of view, and detailed meaning. In the United States, the Full coverage update is accessible in the English language only. Other languages and locations will be able to try out the new feature very soon.

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