Instagram Reels Can Now Be Shared On Facebook

Facebook has been one of the top tier applications in the social media world for the longest time now, but with the emergence of new and unique applications Facebook felt at threat that its popularity may die down. Therefore, it has been working harder than ever to introduce new and unique feature within its network to keep their user growth intact and growing and also to keep the application a fun as well as safe space for its users.

Recently Facebook, as a part of a trial has given the freedom to its Instagram’s users in India to share their Instagram Reels directly to Facebook platforms, which was first reported by Reuters. The Tech Giant is running a trial in India which will allows its users the accessibility to share their short videos onto the main blue application of the company from its acquired network Instagram. The videos will have proper augmented reality affects and it will be very easy to share it from one platform to another. A part from this Facebook is launching its own short video feature on the main application, similar to that on Instagram called “Facebook Reels.”

But the question remains that why is Facebook doing such a thing and why cannot it operate two applications separately?

Well, Facebook has been a part of the social media world since some of us were children and it knows how things work here. Previously there were not many applications that were as popular as Facebook but with advancing technology new features and more relatable applications are being launched and therefore Facebook needed to step up its game and since TikTok and Snapchat is the new game for the younger generation, Facebook took inspirations from those two applications and formed this Reels feature which allows you to make short video clips and express yourself through it similar to the videos on TikTok, on both its Instagram and Facebook. Previously, like Snapchat’s story feature it also introduced the concept of stories on both Instagram and Facebook.

Since India is the largest market for Facebook and also an important country for its growth, the trial and testing has started from within that region. We do not know for sure but we think that this testing feature will expand to other regions as well with some people being taken under testing conditions for the feature because the company cannot impose a new feature just on the stats it collects from a particular region. As to when this feature will be introduced and whether or not any changes or new tools will be introduced along with it is unknown until Facebook itself speaks on this matter.

Screenshots via XDA.

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