YouTube is testing out a feature that will automatically detect products in videos and then make a list of it including other related products

Different social media apps these days are trying to introduce online shopping into their platforms to encourage more user activity and for different businesses to get various lights of exposure. Launched in December of 2005, YouTube is one of the biggest video sites out there and since then it has become a huge platform for content creators to deliver their content and expose their creativity. It has been reported that YouTube is testing out a feature that is said to automatically detect products in videos; this feature will also show a list of related videos of those products. The feature for now is being tested only in a small group of users in the US.

Bloomberg last year reported that YouTube has begun testing out a feature like this with a small group of users along with also stating that even though YouTube is testing out this feature, it is unsure whether they will actually roll out it or not. In a post YouTube has stated that the team is experimenting with a feature that displays a list of products that get detected in videos and the list will also feature other related products. The feature is to appear between recommended videos for viewers to see when scrolling down the screen. The reason why YouTube is testing out a feature like this is to help their users explore more videos and information related to those products via YouTube. This feature however will only be visible to the people using the app in the United States only.

Copyright claims on YouTube on content creators has been a big hassle over the past few years, sometimes certain videos get copyrighted for no reason at all. YouTube recently rolled out a new tool for content creators where the tool will automatically check videos and then alert their respective owner of potential copyright claims that can appear for that video. This makes the content creator change those parts in their videos before posting them. Basically, when a video is posted and a copyright claim is detected by that tool, the creators will have the option to fix that. However fixing that or not is also up to the creator and they can choose to dismiss it as well.

By the looks of it, YouTube is trying to increase their user engagement or more so keep their audience excited about the app. YouTube is coming up with new tools not only for the content creators but for the audience as well which as a whole is great initiative on their part.

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