Twitter Is Getting New Features For Searching Messages, Improvements In Photos and Videos

For a while now, Twitter was looking for improving its direct messaging and it is now reported that Twitter is all set to launch a new and better version of the direct messaging feature in May 2021.

The main gist of the updating is their search capacity, because right now, in the current version you can only search the messages via username.

Previously Twitter came up with searching a particular messaging thread for links or media files that were shared etc., but unfortunately, these updates did not come out to be permanent. Although it is possible that they will come along with the upcoming update, obviously, some privacy concerns are present regarding the search feature, but the keyword search for Direct messaging will be handier for the users.

One particular way of the utilization of this feature will be for the responses and replies in the form of direct messages, for example, if you search for a word, all the answers will come in on the screen one by one making it easier for the users.

Twitter is also reportedly working on the photo publishing process, since it has been receiving worldwide complaints regarding the issue that images are compressed or cropped, after being uploaded, making the users' response lag, affecting their businesses. Now a 4k integration option for image upload is coming on Twitter. The feature is in beta testing in the Android and iOS versions of Twitter and it is showing the full-size pictures on the timeline.

Also, Twitter Fleets, the content posting platform where you can post pictures, videos, and text and the post automatically gets deleted after a 24 hour time and is only available on the Twitter mobile app version has added a new feature in which you can turn off or block the DM or unwanted notifications.

It is not confirm yet as to when the update will be put out for the users, but with Twitter being 15 years old this year many more updates and changes are expected. So stay tuned for more updates.


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