YouTube Studio is now allowing creators to check subscribers of their channels with a new counter that updates in real-time

YouTube is amongst the most visited website in the world with over 2 billion monthly active users. However, it is not just a platform for watching entertaining videos but it is also a career opportunity for many creators. By making quality content they can get a lot of subscribers and eventually can get the attention of many brands. Brands also need to see the real-time subscribers of the channel so that they can sponsor them. It was also a need for the creators to see how many subscribers they have in real-time. This data was never available on YouTube before, so creators had to use third-party tools to display the statistics of current subscribers. In this way, brands can also get the real data so sponsor only those creators who deserve to be sponsored.

Creators can now get this information from YouTube studio analytics on Desktop, as per Creator Insider, if you want to view the data, you can click "view live account" in the real-time map to watch the track of what is going on with the number of subscribers at all time. It will be good to see the creators watching live the increasing number of their subscribers from the YouTube creator dashboard. YouTube Studio had never a real-time live subscriber count before; instead, you were able to see the time-specific count within the back-end of the video platform. There were many third-party apps to see the increasing number of real-time subscribers but their results were slightly incomplete and inaccurate, which means that live YouTube subscribers count could be trusted as the exact numbers but that still gave the good result though. YouTube studio dashboard has brought a real-time subscriber counter in the Analytics tabs.

You can see the detached window in the upper-right of the window when you try to open it and it is just at the bottom of the subscriber count and by tapping the "see live count" text will bring up a familiar pop-up window on the screen. However, it not clear that after how much time the count gets refreshed, as after viewing 10 minutes of the pop-up page. But the subscribers’ count cannot change. Maybe YouTube live subscribers counter is slow but it will give the exact results, not like other third-party tools which were based on approximation. You can even see the previous subscribers count if you want to get the information with a graph below that can even be adjusted in increments ranging from last week to the start of your channel. This data was just taken from the YouTube creator dashboard and put it in a better position. YouTube has not made any statement that whether this live count will be available to all channels or it will limit to specific channels.
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