iPhone 12 All Set to Break Records and Become the Best Selling Phone in History

iPhone 12 was released later than it was anticipated last year because of the backlog on production due to the ongoing Pandemic. However, initially people were a little disappointed claiming that Apple is only repeating its designs in the newer devices that the company is introducing, many saying that the iPhone 12 is a mix between iPhone 5 and 10 and however, though there was a little bit of criticism from the community initially Apple still managed to remain among the best in the market and from the looks of it seems like iPhone 12 is all set to make new records on its own.

The device has been selling at an amazing rate since it has been launched and the further line up sale looks promising too and two analysts have forecasted that Apple may be ready to break its own record from 2015 with its new iPhone 12 this year for the most selling devices this year.

Wedbush analysts Strecker Backe and Daniel Ives claimed in a note that it is expected that Apple can ship a total of 25 million units this year and if managed to do so the company will easily break its own record of selling 231 million iPhones in 2015 which will eventually make iPhone 12 the bestselling phone in history up until now and the amazing sale will convince other iPhone users to upgrade to the newer version.

Up until now what the sales have been and what they look like was described by the analysts saying that the builds for total iPhones in the March quarter have been around 56 million to 62 million and for June the builds have remained rather unchanged at a rate of around mid-40 million range.

According to the analyst the most sale is expected to be because of the upgrade super cycle. The success of iPhone 12 and Apple stopping upgrades on devices older than iPhone 6S speaks a lot on the fact that a lot of people will be upgrading to the newer version of iPhone. It is expected that around 350 million of 950 million iPhones worldwide are currently in the cycle of an upgrade opportunity.

However as usual Apple has not said anything on its device sales because they have stopped giving out estimated sale ratios to the public but iPhone 12 seems to be selling strong specially the two Pro versions of it while some close insiders enlightened us that mini version from the iPhone 12 has not been doing that great.

Apple has always done remarkable job in the market and we cannot wait to see its future devices and what else it has to offer to its community.

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