YouTube Web redesigned its icons from silhouette to outlined version, and some users are not happy

Google prefers icons that are simply outlines. Google kept the icons of the apps multicolored for the very long time, now the company decided to redesign the YouTube Web's icon and change it from standard solid filled to outlined basic version. In the new icon, Google play with simplicity and keep the new layout, a sleek traditional design.

At first, Google only redesigned the YouTube logo for mobile devices but now it is extended to desktop and web versions of YouTube as well. In today’s update, the revised YouTube icon was displayed on the left side bar of the app. Whereas, Internet Archive reveals that the previous icons were still visible till yesterday. Just like all Google app changes, this update will also take time to show up on every individual desktop version of YouTube. This new update is aligned to the updates made back in October and November of 2020 of web version.

Google not really changes the icon display and when it does, the revised versions are more basic ones and are not usually appreciated by the users. Firstly, updates were revealed on mobile phones and then extended to larger extent and become available on website versions as well.

The new icon update of YouTube is followed by other changes made in Google service apps such as Gmail and Messages. Users reacted negatively to all the update and some of them claimed that the new icons are not easy to differentiate from one another.

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