Twitter is re-evaluating the guideline for the world leaders

Twitter is re-addressing the guidelines for world leaders as they are bound to follow different rules.

Twitter is also debating how to handle politicians who violate its rules after banning Donald Trump from the platform. According to a blog post published by Twitter, suggestions are required from users to set the new guidelines to be followed by political leaders and other elected officials. There will be a separate set of rules for world leaders that are not standard for the rest of the users.

The company is planning to launch a survey publicly that will be accessible from March 19th to April 12th to gain feedback from other users. As said by Twitter that they are trying to gather public opinions regarding the implementation of rules for world leaders. If the public thinks that the leaders should be bound to follow the same rules as normal users. They further asked the public about the retaliation that can be expected if any of the world leaders breaks the law.

In addition, the social network said it is working with scholars and human rights advocates on the matter. Whatever the response will be recorded from these organizations or the general public will be set as a framework of the development of policy structure. It's uncertain which facets of its current policies will be revisited. The name of Donald Trump has not been mentioned anywhere, however, 2019 blog posts clarify why Twitter is planning to treat world leaders differently from others.

After the incident of Donald Trump, Twitter is not the only social platform that is facing problems regarding violation of rules. The Oversight Board has yet to make a statement if the retired president Donald Trump is authorized to return to Facebook or not. The Oversight Board also intends to discuss the wider problems and talk about the management of the account of elected officials. But it is not expected that the company will follow the board’s suggestions. The revised policies should be in favor of the platforms and strict punishment should be applicable whether it is a world leader or normal user.

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