Google is rolling out a feature that notifies a person of whom they are keeping track of

Google has allowed many of its users over the years to share their location with some of the people closest to them in order to ensure more protection and to allow their loved ones to know where they are without worrying.

Sometimes when sharing your location with someone you tend to forget that they might still be able to track where you are even after months after you allowed them to know about your whereabouts. Google now has a feature for that which tells an individual the people they still have on for tracking. The notifications came in only a few days before and people are wondering if this feature is even useful at all to begin with because a much better approach would have to been to notify the person who shared his location in the first place. We all know how vigilant one has to be in these scenarios but if someone might have forgotten due to some reasons then Google should come up with a way to notify the person.

No one would deny the fact that Google has come up with many amazing features that has helped so many individuals out there with their work and daily chores, but that doesn’t mean that everything that Google comes up with has benefits all over. The notification will pull it when you will ask your Google assistant about it, you can ask about the whereabouts of the person you’ve had a track on and Google will direct you to their location through Google Maps, this will of course only be available when the person you are looking for has their location turned on for tracking. If you still can’t track them, then you can always send that person a request to allow you see their location.

The person sharing the location has to make sure every now and then that he or she has shared their location only with the people that they trust and not with someone else. Even though Google has a lot of features in store for its users, it still has to work on a lot, especially with Google Maps which was released in 2005 and has provided many of us with ease in terms of finding new places and making us reach our destinations safely!

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