Twitter Spaces May Get a Separate Tab in Navigation Bar

Twitter has big plans for their platform in the future. Though they have already been working towards a lot of new features, one new feature that has taken the rise on all the others is “Twitter Spaces.”

Spaces is Twitter recent features and it works like an audio chat room similar to the recently popular application Clubhouse. The Twitter spaces allows a user to create room which other people on Twitter can join and have live audio discussions on any topics they like. However, it is not like you can speak at any moment you like, those who can speak will be selected by the room creator while the rest can stay and listen.

Since Spaces on Twitter has gained a lot of popularity, Twitter is working towards improving it and providing their audience with a more they have to offer. Twitter is trying to improve Space’s discovery and maximizes awareness of in-progress conversations in order to achieve more and better social engagement.

Twitter previously had a four tab set up as the optimal outlook. The four tabs included the home timeline, Explore, notifications and messages. They have been moved around a bit here and there but the outlook of the four tabs has been the same since the start. This outlook has limited the amount of quick access tabs and instead of doing something about it Twitter was introducing other new features on the app, but not now.

Twitter Spaces is intertwined with Fleets currently but Twitter is now working towards a separate dedicated portion just for Twitter Spaces as mentioned by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. The separate portion when tapped will take users to a list of ongoing live audio conversation which they can join and also provide you a lot of new options through it.

The dedicated tab for Twitter Spaces will serve the same purpose as the current popular audio conversation application called “Clubhouse.” Clubhouse provides you with a virtual hallway with each conversation taking place in the room of that hallway and you can join a room whose topic you like. The new updated and improved version of Twitter Spaces will serve the same purpose and there are chances that Twitter Spaces if comes with all these new feature has a possibility of having the upper hand over Clubhouse. Wondering How?

Clubhouse is an invite only app and has over 13 million downloads but the thing with it is that you can only join a conversation if invited by a member of the audio group while Twitter has 192 million users on daily basis and if they improve their tools and bring it as close to clubhouse there are chances they will be the number 1 feature for audio conversation on the internet.

So the question stands that will big broadcasters switch to Twitter Spaces once they shoot over Clubhouse and will Clubhouse be able to maintain its popularity. We don’t know yet but we soon will.

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