Facebook's Two Factor Authentication Via Key On Mobile Devices Is The New Means of Optimum Security

Online security is a basic necessity nowadays. With technology so advanced it is someone’s left handed game to hack into your account and log you out of it and therefore companies are trying to make more secured and reliable methods to protect your account.

A few months ago Twitter became a game changer when it introduced support for a two factor authentication keys for their application on mobile devices and while Facebook had a similar thing going on for their desktops, this was never introduced for Facebook mobile.

But what is a two factor authentication key?

It is basically a USB like key that protects your account information and helps you log in into it through either wirelessly through Bluetooth or by manually plugging it in your phone and there will be only one key for one account of which you will have the ownership. Since Facebook already had this for their desktop it was about time to introduce this on their mobile application as well and that is exactly what the tech giant did.

As of today, Facebook has started allowing users to register hardware keys on both Android and iOS devices. In order to enroll your key for the application, all you have to do is head over to Security and Login in the settings part of the app and Security Key under Two-Factor Authentication. Keys can unlock your account wirelessly via Bluetooth or by physically plugging into your phone for a wired connection.

However, this feature has not completely rolled out for the general public as when some people tried logging in an error occurred on their screens meaning it will take some time before the feature is officially rolled out.

Facebook in one of its announcement encouraged the general public to the security key feature regardless of what mobile device you are using or whether or not you have chances of getting your account hacked because this feature is the most secured form of privacy and security any user can achieve until now. However, the company will still offer other sources of security incase users do not switch to this key method like authentication apps, text message verification, and recovery codes, though none of these are as secure as an actual key.

It is great to see tech giants like Facebook and Twitter working so hard towards providing a safer and secure experience for their users online and we cannot wait to see what else do they have to offer.

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