On iOS, Twitter has begun testing a feature that allows users to view YouTube videos right from their timeline

Only a few days after announcing the better display of images on Twitter, the micro-blogging platform is now exploring an improved way to display the YouTube videos. In today’s update, Twitter is releasing a new way for iOS users to watch YouTube videos directly from the Twitter timeline. This feature makes it easier to view YouTube videos without leaving the conversation. There will be no need to exit the app and watch the video separately on the browser or on the YouTube app.

Prior to the update, on iOS YouTube videos did not play in preview rather the user has to leave the app after clicking the link that will open YouTube iOS app. Before testing out this feature, iOS Twitter worked to view images in a better way that turned out successful. After which Twitter tried testing out YouTube videos to play in the home timeline that allows users to scroll and watch videos without dealing with interruption.

The YouTube iFrame Player API is being used by Twitter for this trial, and it will be available on iOS in the United States, Japan, Canada, and Saudi Arabia before being rolled out worldwide. There was no hint of when this would be accessible to all Twitter users. At the beginning of this month, the company revealed that it will be focusing on enhancing the media-watching experience on its app, which will involve both uploading and displaying media such as images and videos.

Last week, Twitter released an image preview feature on iOS and Android which allows users to see a detailed overview of the picture. Previously, photos were cropped and sometimes essential parts are obscured. Now users are also allowed to post 4K images on both android and iOS Twitter app which will be available via new feature in Data usage settings.

Twitter is working to roll out new features to make a platform better for creators. According to the company, another feature called Super Follow will be available soon. It will enable creators to publish subscriber-based content on Twitter. Content related to exclusive media including sales and newsletters. However, to help creators whose content is regularly transmitted through social media channels, Twitter must speed up the system of posting the content, be it images and videos.

In the upcoming days, Twitter is most likely to provide more updates.
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