TikTok to Launch Automated Replies for Business Accounts

TikTok is big name now and has been popular since it was launched. The popularity of the application has risen so much that brands are now collaborating with different creators on the application and therefore, TikTok has a separate base called “TikTok Business accounts” and the company is planning on bringing some changes on that feature as well in order to improve creator and customer interaction.

You know how some Facebook businesses have automated responses when you try to text them. As soon as you open the chat box in order to message a brand or business on Facebook, you are shown five questions which are usually the most asked ones and if your query is among one of those questions you can tap on it and receive a reply immediately. Well, TikTok’s new feature is similar to this as well.

TikTok has added an automated reply to their business accounts. Social Media expert Matt Navarra took it online to show how business accounts owners can turn on their automated replies. If your using business suite tools, you can simply go to “Message settings” and create either a welcome message for the person that has messaged you further ensuring them that you will get back to them shortly or create an auto reply using some basic keywords.

In case you are confused about what replied can you create using basic keywords. Let us give you an example. If someone asks you what “hours” you are available and you have pre inserted the key words “hours” and wrote an automated reply for that previously your account will detect the keyword and give them an answer without you having to be present manually. The simple set-up process enables you to enter in relevant keywords in a message that will trigger your automated response.

Though there are chances that automated responses can be misused and sometime some wrong responses can be sent which is why TikTok has also implemented a process which requires all automated response messages to be reviewed by the TikTok moderation team before going live.

However, this feature can come in handy specially for content creators with a massive following and a really busy inbox. To enable the automated replies all you have to do is know the basic questions asked by business and brands that approach you and identify the keywords. The automated responses will come in handy because they will give a sense of approachability to the person.

More businesses are looking at TikTok as a means of branding and this new feature is going to come in handy definitely for the creators on the app. This is available for the business accounts and will be available soon if not yet in your region.

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