New Hacking Technique Involved Compromising Websites to Infect Major Operating Systems

It seems like every week hackers come up with a new and better way to start looking into compromising the systems that you might be trying to take advantage of. One new technique that was used last year for about six months resulted in a lot of problems for users, and the thing that makes it notable is that it ended up impacting users regardless of the operating system that they might have been using at this current point in time.

The technique in question affected iOS users, Android users as well as Windows OS users, and it basically involved injecting malicious code into a website through the use of iframes which would briefly redirect you to a server that would then gain access to your system. Google’s team of experts in Project Zero found that eleven new vulnerabilities emerged during the six month period during these hacks were occurring. The truly sinister thing about them is that they were all zero day vulnerabilities, which basically means that they were brand new problems that companies and experts had not yet managed to create fixes for.

The hackers that implemented these attacks and infected so many systems were clearly highly trained and they had a fair amount of expertise about these things. One sign that this was the case was that even users that had fully updated operating systems found that their systems were getting compromised. This essentially meant that the hackers were quickly able to tweak their malicious code to make it so that it could breach security even after a patch had been sent out, and hackers being able to change their processes so quickly is truly quite concerning since it means that it would be very difficult for anyone to be able to stop them.

Companies invest a lot of money into trying to make their operating systems as secure as possible, but the hackers in the world are clearly working hard to get around all of these security protocols. This is why it is important for users to at the very least try to take their security into their own hands as much as they possibly can.

Major tech companies are obviously going to do whatever is in their power to help people feel safe on their platforms, but as a user you should be wary of any site that you don’t trust. This is a golden rule of the internet that has been valid for quite some time now, since hackers have always used suspicious websites as starting points for their malware. Updating your operating system is also quite important for this reason, as it can help you cover all of your bases if nothing else.

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