Twitter Experiments With Images in Tall, Uncropped Display and 4K Support as Its New Features

All social media platforms work hard towards creating a safe space which is easy to use for their public and provides features which are unique and new and so they bring about new changes every few months. Recently, Twitter is working towards a new display for image tweets. Currently, when you post an image on the tweet the image when posted is displayed half cropped on the followers feed and upon tapping Twitter displays the full image.

But according to Twitter new feature is under development phase which will change the way how single images that are posted will look on your feed. Instead of being cropped out when posted, single images will look the same as it does on a Tweet composer before you post it that is in its full size display.

To clarify whether or not the same criteria will be used for multiple images, the company has let the people know that currently it works only on single images. You would have seen “Open for Surprise” images all through Twitter in which a single half cropped image will be displayed on which the upper visible part will have the above statement written and on tapping on it will display whatever the other half of the image is. Well, once this new format goes into action these types of pictures cannot be posted on Twitter and such trends will not be able to take place However all this will be dependent on the variable format that could be a significant change in how your Twitter feed is displayed.

The company said that once the format is launched it will be available on both Android and iOS but currently it is under testing and therefore not accessible by the general public. The testing conditions will include only a small bunch of users from different regions who will see images in full display instead of the usual cropped out way, the same it does on the composer tool. However, if the images are very wide and tall the will cropped from the center.

Apart from this, Twitter is testing another new feature which will allow users upload and view images in 4K on Android and iOS. Those people under 4K testing will be able to upload and update their high quality image preference after enabling the Data Usage in the settings.

Both of these new updates will be very beneficial for artists who are looking forward to Twitter as a means to grow and spread their talent by showcasing their work publically on the birdy platform.

The new format will however take some time to be properly implemented and there are possible risks. Initially the timeline will look out of order, the uniformity of tweets can be messed up but all of this will be fixed slowly and gradually. As to when this feature will go live is now known but if it gives a positive result in the testing we sure can expect it to hit our screens very soon.

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