Facebook is rolling out a feature in over 90 regions which will allow users to turn off political content from appearing onto their feeds

When election season comes, many people supporting different parties form various opinions and some like to be vocal about it. Of course the first place they think of sharing their views is on social media as social media gives that freedom and space to people to express their opinions and thoughts. However such topics can be triggering to some users and to their mental health. Last year, during the US presidential elections Facebook developed a feature which allowed users to switch off political ads to avoid any public debate over the topic that can create any sort of mental disturbance for them. Now, this same feature has been rolled out by Facebook in over 90 regions that will allow users to turn off any political posts in Ad Preferences. This is a great initiative by Facebook as the mess the US elections made on social media was beyond unexpected and involved a lot of profanity.

However the users can’t completely switch off political content but can see fewer of those posts which according to Facebook eliminate content on politics and elections to a huge extent from the users’ feed. Every political content has both negative and positive impacts; some users take it on a positive note and also take part on the debate but some get defensive too, other users prefer to not even hear anything that can lead to profanity and argument. Facebook when announcing this feature also said that the thing they received the most during their customer feedback was that people wanted to see less of such political content and for the next four to five months Facebook will try more to answer to their users’ needs by coming up with more features that can help the users from receiving such ads and content.

This feature can result in a huge loss for platforms who post such content as their content will be reaching out to a lesser audience out there. The loss that they’ll be facing is unimaginable. Facebook recently even put a ban on its users from Australia for only a week due to a law that was passed by the government involving the social media giant and Google to pay publishers for content.

Even though some of the features that Facebook comes up with is not always liked by many, but when addressing users key problems and concerns Facebook does looks into it and tries it level best to come up with new features and updates to help with those feedbacks.

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