Online Communities Playing a Great Role in People’s Live Throughout the World

People spend a huge part of their life online. Though social media applications like Facebook have been around for a long time now, evolution in technology is a thing and one change the world has noticed in these online platforms is that online communities are becoming a major part of life and according to a new data study these online groups and communities have become more apparent in people’s lives over the years and play an important role as well.

The study from New York University’s The Governance Lab examined and then stated some facts that online platforms like Facebook provide communities to interact with each other online more than they had the chance to do this offline. With online community’s people with similar perspective, background or culture or even the fact for something similar they stand for can form and talk about meaning full content and share experiences.

The study furthered talked about how Facebook has currently 1.8 billion people who actively use different Facebook groups every month and at least more than half of the users present online are part five or more groups. This backs up the fact that people have formed online communities that they consider important and seek towards that community in times of some help which require perspective of different people. Apart from this, the report also stated that there are billions of groups on the social media platform and currently there are over 70 million admins and moderators running active Facebook groups. Online communities have played a huge role in the lives and people have also joined groups that are related to their communities and cities giving them a sense of belonging and brother/sister hood and 50 percent of people online have named the group as their favorite for which they have been a part for over a year.

These were some basic facts about how online communities are impacting everyday lives but the question stands why are people so attached towards the communities they have formed online, what motivates them to be a part of it and what sense of belonging do the feel there.

A study conducted by interviewing 50 Facebook community leaders and dozens of global community experts and data from Facebook internal research, a literature review, and a 15,000 respondents from people both online and offline showed that people feel a strong sense of community even in a virtual group while sitting miles apart from each. For a fact let us take an example of a Facebook group of a certain community. The group has thousands of people from around the globe who help each other in times of need, share their good and bad experiences and just make it a safe space for a community to interact. The participants are of similar culture, country but settled around the world sitting miles apart from one another but all of them feel a sense of belonging under one platform. The virtual communities have also given confidence to people in putting forward their skills whether it was paintings they made, pieces or writings they wrote or anything in general which they were very shy to share previously are now sharing it with millions online and gaining even more confidence by the appreciation they receive in return.

There is still so much to learn about how online community will grow in the future but the fact that online communities have brought about a positive change in people’s lives while we only hear negative stories online should be acknowledged.

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