Netflix Introduces Fast Laughs - A TikTok Clone For Funny Clips!

Have you ever felt too lazy to watch an entire Netflix show for the best moments of laughter? Well, seems like Netflix has listened to such desires by many of you as they have decided to launch a new mobile-exclusive feature through which subscribers can now watch the best funny clips of the most popular TV shows and movies on the platform.

Termed as Fast Laughs, this new option is currently available for iOS device owners in some of the selected countries only and one glimpse of the feature also shows that it looks pretty much inspired by TikTok or Instagram Reels.

The different short clips which are currently being showcased are from shows like Big Mouth or stand-up comedy specials like Jerry Seinfeld and Ali Wong. In case, if the clips spark your interest in the show or film, the user will also get the option to add the respective title to their saved list in order to watch it later within the Netflix app.

While announcing the feature, Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix, said that since the company always aims to look for new ways to make discovery easier for members and also keep them entertained with the best content possible, the addition of Fast Laughs will definitely offer users the pinch of laughter or may even serve as a mood booster to keep them going throughout the day.

Furthermore, Fast Laughs at this point in time also makes more sense for Netflix considering how TikTok is becoming the ultimate king in terms of engagement with every passing day.

Netflix has also mentioned TikTok as a major competitor in a few of their last earnings report knowing that both of these platforms make different kinds of content, but still consumers are preferring to spend more time on TikTok than on Netflix. Hence, the competition comes into play then.

If we look at the entire business move, then offering iPhone users an exciting option to keep on scrolling through their phones and then make them spend more time on the app by either making them watch more of Big Mouth again or their new favorite shows, this indeed is pretty smart!

On the other hand, Netflix more recently has also invested heavily in stand-up comedy along with striking multipicture deals with comedians like Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart. So with so much content available on the platform already, it is normal for any user to not discover all of it for a long time. However, this feature now can give subscribers a major glimpse of what they might have been missing in all this time.

This also creates the difference between TikTok and Netflix’s Fast Laughs as Netflix hasn’t launched a new platform to provide entertainment but is only trying to increase engagement by keeping the user connected to the platform.

If you want to check whether Fast Laughs is available for your area, then all you have to do is use the bottom navigation menu to check and if the feature is there within your app, then click on the Fast Laughs tab to enjoy.

Netflix says that it will start testing Fast Laughs on Android devices after measuring the success on iOS devices.

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