TikTok has introduced a new feature of Q&A to all creators account to engage with their viewers

TikTok app was launched in the year 2016, in a few years it has become much famous all over the world despite its ban in India, and threats of banning in the US by the Trump administration, this app will have around a billion active users globally at the end of this year. The creators post different types of videos according to the demand of viewers. So, it is very important to engage with the questions of viewers that what type of content they want because there is not dislike option given in this app. So, the creator wants to know what kinds of suggestions his viewers are trying to give. So, TikTok has introduced a new feature Q&A in the comment section to directly respond to all the questions of viewers by using text or videos in replies.

Creators will be able to design their comments in Q&A and they can also link Q&A section in their bio among other things to engage more audience about the quality of their content. What’s more interesting is this feature will also work in live videos as it has been the content of many creators. This feature will get more traffic to the platform also because people now are more attracted to TikTok videos when they are allowed to ask any question to the creator. Many creators are still engaging many viewers by answering the questions of their fans in the comment section in the response is more involved or the creator make a separate video instead. Those creators having large fan following can have interesting questions from their viewers and can also have ideas for upcoming videos.

The new Q&A feature is now here to help you ask or answer any questions. Try it out now!

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In order to ask questions, viewers first need to design a comment as Q&A by tapping on a new commenting option, they will tap on the right side of the text field in the comment section. This will also show the viewer’s comment as ‘’Asked by’’ with the name of the user who has asked a question. This will make it much easier for the creator to pick up the question from a long list of comments under their videos. The creator can reply by making a second video or answer the questions randomly in the comment section as they do it now. So, it’s not a big change but it can categorize the questions from simple comments. This feature is now available all over the world in the latest version but now, only for those creators having more than 10,000 followers. To enable this feature, you can go to the privacy page under settings, then tap on ‘’creator’’ then tap on Q&A and turn it on.

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