Snapchat Is About To Bring Their Dark Mode: Trials On iOS

A little behind, but Snapchat is also going to enter the “Dark Mode” contest. After Google, Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, and even WhatsApp who launched their dark mode a year ago for iOS. Now Snapchat is also going to have a dark mode, as first spotted by @kazum0o and Appleosophy.

The dark mode is a UI display setting where the content is white or grey on a dim or dark screen (rather than the default, which is dark content on a white screen).

Snapchat’s dark mode had been a long wished feature for some time now, and finally, the wait is over and the prayers are granted. Their last major update, in competition with TikTok, was in October 2020 that added a “sounds’ feature for users to add songs to snaps and stories.

Recently Snapchat has confirmed that the initial, dark mode limited testing is live now.

Currently, with a small number of users in selected markets, mainly on iOS devices, and will be coming with a broader usage capacity in the upcoming future.

Though it is not available everywhere we are sure that the feature is ready to enter the market any time soon.

The dim mode is a very useful feature indeed; they limit the utilization of blue light. Blue light is designed to improve gadget function in the daytime; However in low-light circumstances; blue light can really make your mind quit creating melatonin. That can prompt disturbed rest cycles, making it harder to fall and stay asleep.

As per research, the number of adults that are getting less than 6 hours of sleep at night has increased by 31% since 1985.

The dark mode protects the eyes from its bitter bright light and also improves battery life and productivity.

As said by Snapchat it currently has no more details to tell the users, but stay tuned for any updates.

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