Blue Light Filters can make you stay Awake at Night; Study Determines!

It’s an interesting world that we live in. A few years back, we were informed about the harmful effects of the blue light emancipating from our phone screens and how it could cause sleeplessness. Blue light filters were then introduced to counter the effects of blue light but it turns out that the filters aren’t any better!

As revealed by the Guardian, a study conducted by the University of Manchester discovered that the blue light filters can play with our brains and make us think that it’s daytime.

Motive behind the creation of blue light filters was to reduce “melanopsin” protein in the eye. The protein in question reacts in accordance with the light intensity, mainly in cases where the light is of shorter wavelength e.g. blue. The presence of blue in RGB lights is reduced significantly if the screen is tinted yellow.

It was also found by the study that our brain is convinced by yellow light that it is daytime. Because of this, our body gets the message that the time to go to bed hasn’t arrived yet.

So, to say that blue light has the most impact on the clock would be wrong as blue colors coupled with twilight do not have a stronger effect than white or yellow light of the same brightness level.

The study suggested that the most helpful approach is to use dim and cooler lights in the evening and bright warmer lights in the day.

Or better yet, what about not using the phone before going to sleep? Sounds fair enough to us!

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