Snapchat Is Giving Out Millions to Its Users: As an Act of Rivalry toward TikTok

Snapchat is giving out 1 million US dollars “everyday” yes you heard it right, but not to everyone,

It’s mostly for the famous TikTok personalities and for the people whose videos go viral on the Snapchat spotlight feature, mainly the generation Z influencers. Snapchat provided with some additional details that you must be 16 years or older and that the rewards are based on their ‘proprietary formula’ AND that the number of beneficiaries can vary.

Sounds like a fraud? That’s what many people thought until Snapchat. co started paying the video creators, and many people around the globe have made millions of dollars and are sitting on a pile of riches, just by making videos and has changed so many lives for good even.

The same things that are in demand on TikTok are also a trend on Spotlight: dance videos, prank videos, challenges, and tutorials. The basic thing which is difference on Spotlight and TikTok is the display of viewers’ likes and comments. And once videos go viral, the creator makes cash, though they're not influencers.

As an attempt to lure people away from the very famous TikTok, which has been on the top spot on the list of most used apps in 2020. This offer by Snapchat won’t stay for long, that is a given, and when it stops paying the users, they will need brands to back them up. What’s more, organizations need an approach to measure influencers' unreliability on a given stage.

Also, Snapchat has been approaching the TikTok users with a high following and offering to pay those more than TikTok. According to NYT, Snapchat has been more of a social media platform, rather than a content creation app, that was until its ‘spotlight’ feature came out earlier in November 2020.

The most recent addition in the Snapchat’s ‘spotlight’ is that you can see the number of views and likes on the videos just like TikTok, this feature helps in getting instant data about the popularity of the video.

Back in July, Facebook’s Instagram also came out with a TikTok style feature ‘Reels’ on which you can create and share short videos. Similarly, in July 2020, TikTok, with its creator fund a $200 million, launched a program to support company approved influencers.

App Annie issued their report which said that in the year 2020 TikTok was used more than the social media giant, Facebook, or any other app. And it is not far that TikTok will get more than 1,2 million users by the end of 2021.

Photo: ERIC THAYER / Reuters

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