Samsung Will No Longer Include Headphones and Charger In The Future Smartphone Boxes

After mocking Apple in recent times, Samsung too decides to follow in the footsteps of its competitor as the company will no longer put charging bricks inside the boxes of future phones. When Samsung was asked about the reason behind making such a move, they came out with a similar answer stating that the removal of accessories (first headphones and now charging brick) will help us all go into a more sustainable future.

However, before you get worried, the company has also clarified that while some of the next generation phones may not come with accessories, some of them may. Samsung, fortunately, is that one company that offers multiple phone options ranging from Galaxy series to folding phones and other budget options. So, that makes it very obvious that there is room for the company to put chargers in some of its models.

Chances are that the company may decide to keep the charger inside the boxes of cheaper phones as customers who aren’t tech enthusiasts may not buy a separate charger or maybe they would only include the charger in $2,000 phones. Whatever that is going to happen will happen gradually.

Unlike Apple, Samsung still has included the charger in the Note 20 Ultra and Note 10 series, as seen in the promos.

The move doesn’t mean that Samsung will have to re-make all the boxes for its old products. After all this will also create a bad impression on users who may have already seen a different experience in the Unboxing Videos on YouTube which may have the charger included. This approach will come into effect with only new phones probably.

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