Apple Adds a New Feature “Volunteer Match” in Apple Maps for People Wanting to Help the Community

Apple has worked towards ending racial inequality, as well support community and education over the years. This year, in honor of the birthday of a civil right advocate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Apple has decided to update one feature in its already useful Apple Map in order to give back to its community, last week, as spotted by Cnet.

The Apple Map previously apart from just showing your way, also gave you advices on local and lesser known but with epic food restaurants to eat at, information about bike trails and activity guides companies and where the local newspaper resides all could be availed from a single app that is Apple Map.

However, Apple on the coming event of a federal holiday decided to add a Volunteer Match feature on its Apple Map alongside the already existing features it offers. The purpose of the Volunteer Map is to link people with the volunteering places they can help out near their areas. The whole purpose of this feature is to guide people who want to help and give back to their community to a place they can volunteer and help out. The feature is available swiping down the search bar on the Map along with all the preexisting features. When you click on the feature you will come across a list of nonprofit organizations and other places like old homes where you can volunteer and help out the community. During this pandemic, when it is unsafe to be outside this feature also allows you to volunteer virtually, which is a really great thing. As you can lend a hand just by staying home and help those in need.

What should be noted is that this feature is available on Apple Maps so would only be accessible by users in possession of iPhones and iPads. Also, this is currently available only within some regions within the United States like Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, New York City, Boston and Seattle.

Apart from this, Apple has dedicated their home page which is one of the most visited places on the internet to the man of the week himself that is Sir Martin Luther King Jr. Apple also dedicated their home page to John Lewis when he died this previous summer in honor of his civil rights leadership. Apple is also known to have invested in historical black colleges and universities, app development centers and investments in racial justice organizations this week and has also donated a large amount to the place acting as a memorial for King that is the King Centre in Atlanta as well to other civil rights nonprofits too. It is really good to see huge companies being so thoughtful about the matter of the society and working towards making this world a better place for everyone.

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