Android device manufacturers seems to be taking the wrong inspiration from Apple by ditching the charger in the upcoming smartphone boxes

In life, we learn a lot from the experiences of other people around us, and sometimes, it is our rival that gives us the greatest lessons that help us create and evolve in the best possible way. Apple and Android are also long-term competitors and they also take inspiration from each other despite their differences. However, Apple has recently set a pretty unpopular precedent. The company launched its iPhone 12 line in October 2020, and what surprised most of the users was that the phone came without a charger!

Now, this was something out of the ordinary because since the time we have started using handphones, the new boxed phone always came with a charger and earphones. Earphones are also a long-gone case since the iPhone 7 as Apple was looking to promote the usage of wireless earphones. This trend was also later adopted by Android phone manufacturers. But that is alright and not that big of an issue because most people nowadays use wireless earphones only. However, the ditching of a charger is the latest trend that Apple started in 2020 and which unfortunately is now coming on Xiaomi and Samsung’s upcoming smartphones.

We must remember that Android phone manufacturers previously made jokes about Apple’s policy of ditching the charger and both Samsung and Xiaomi had claimed to not do this to the users. But sadly, they are now deviating from their earlier claims.

Xiaomi is soon to launch its Mi 11, the first Android phone to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and Samsung is also on the verge of launching its Galaxy S21 line soon. But both these phones will come without charges.

The news has already started negatively impacting these launches even before they are released in the market because people are not at all happy with this charger-less situation.

The reason that Apple gave for starting this trend was to avoid the hassle of more packaging and to let the transportation of more phones simultaneously, Apple thought that ditching the charger is a good move.

Now Xiaomi is also singing the same tune, after making fun of Apple, and that is just so sad.

We really hope that other Android smartphone manufacturer companies like Google and Huawei etc. at least do not do this to the users. For all we know, a charger is the ‘life-line’ of a phone!

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