Oculus Quest’s New Feature Is Made to Support Multi-User Accounts

Good news for the users of Oculus Quest who are tired of having one Quest account per headset. Facebook has announced that they will be launching the new version of Oculus Quest headsets with multiple accounts and multiple user support on their headsets while continuing to keep separate data and achievements.

This new feature is coming out next month for the experimental trials and before the 12th of February, the users can switch it on in the settings menu, before it gets released.

Up to three secondary accounts can be added to a primary account and share apps on a single device. And later on, the users will be able to share the purchases within the accounts. This means that on the purchase of one quest account, two or more headsets can play the games.

In a developer’s blog post for Oculus, it’s said that the primary account holder can add secondary accounts into their device and can share the apps and purchases.

Oculus Quest 2 is also coming with a new variation that the VR device can be manually linked via USB to the computer, to run heavy games that could not play directly on the headset and without the hassle of connecting loads of wires across the room. Now that’s called an update.

Due to certain controversies, Facebook has made it clear that the secondary account users will log in from their own Facebook account. Here the users are confused as to why there is no child account or family sharing option that most of the game console manufacturers have. The users can enable casting directly from the Oculus app on the phone or the headset. It can also run on any television that has an inbuilt Chromecast app or Chromecast device that is plugged into the television.

It is also updated with parental controls and a limited library that can remove mature games. Any child below the age of 12 cannot make their own account and have to play on their parents' or siblings' accounts. And through that, the users will be able to look upon their young gamers. If the Facebook account connected to the oculus is deleted all the oculus data will also be deleted.

The new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is faster and has better resolution and is easy to use than the former one, and comes in 64GB and 256GB models with 6DOF and a wider library of games.

Photo: Facebook

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