Facebook is working on a newsletter tool to promote independent writers and freelancers with a paid subscription so that they can make a profit

Facebook is providing its platform to every professional so that they can make use of this platform and work according to its choice. Facebook still has billions of active users in a month, hopefully, this number will go even big as Facebook is thinking about the future. Facebook is earning more revenue through its ad sales than any other giant tech company in the world. Now Facebook has decided something for freelancers and independent writers who want to work on their own. Facebook is currently working on a newsletter that will provide an opportunity for the independent writers to grow ever further on this platform. So that these writers can put their news or articles on these platforms so that millions of viewers and view their articles in a day.

Mark Zuckerberg is opening his platform for journalism; therefore, he has started a Facebook journalism project. Many people are interested in reading the news daily on a social media platform. because we spend almost 10 percent of the day using social media platforms according to a report. It will be helpful for many people while you are in the office or at home, you can use social media newsletter tools for reading the daily and latest news.

This will also be a great opportunity for the journalists who want to have money during the pandemic situation where people are losing their jobs. They can write news articles and post them on the Facebook newsletter tool. People will take subscription of these newsletters, that will be helpful for the journalist to earn a handsome amount. This will also good for Facebook to take larger traffic to its platform. Facebook’s news project will be attached to the New York-based journalism scheme. as reported by The Times.

Facebook’s owner thinks that this project will work really well, and people respond positively to this initiative, therefore he has given a green signal for this project. This project can transform the business of Facebook. Twitter has also purchased a similar software named Revue.

Independent Journalists and freelancers will be able to publish their paid or free of cost news articles through email. When the news tab will develop, this will show a different kind of news stories people want to see. It will also be helpful for the people who are interested in reading the world’s news while sitting at home. This news tab will post news stories just like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Times, etc. Facebook will try its best to provide the news that will be based on truth. Facebook said that it is standing with the news publishers during the hard times, therefore, it has decided to provide its platform for journalists, Facebook has also donated 100 million dollars to news publishers. This News tool may be launched in the summer.

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