Facebook's Spark AR has released a series of courses to help creators build and explore their skills with Augmented Reality

The concept of AR is not a stranger to anyone. We all are witnessing different companies testing out new things for it and also planning big for the future of AR. Augmented Reality (AR) is an experience where the objects of the real world are enhanced by computers and brought up as digital visual elements. With huge multinational companies joining the trend with Augmented Reality, we can’t forget to mention Facebook now can we?

Facebook already has the AR effects featured for ads. People who wish to publicize their products through ads can use the augmented reality camera effects to engage people with it. Spark AR is an augmented reality platform that allows users to create AR effects easily on mobile camera. Spark AR on Facebook will allow creators to use the effects of AR across Facebook apps all around. Along with Facebook, many other multinational companies like Snapchat, Google and Apple are using their respective resources into developing something for AR that will maximize the experience for anyone using it.

Earlier this week, Facebook released a Spark AR Curriculum which is a new series of online learning course that will help people who are newly introduced with AR to learn about it and build their skills. It is also for people who are experienced and well known with the whole concept of AR. Facebook has an e-learning platform that has free courses on Facebook and Instagram advertising, this platform is known as the Facebook blueprint. Spark AR has collaborated with Facebook blueprint to release this new series of learning and for people to learn the ever growing ways of using augmented reality. Facebook has also called in Spark AR creators Ommy Akhibge and Luke Hurd to serve as mentors for this course

Now speaking of the course and the things it will have to offer. The first course to this series is Spark AR Foundations, in which the creator will have the opportunity to learn from videos having full instructions right from the basics, this is specially made for beginner level creators.

This online course has three stages to it. The first part is only 59 minutes long and is all about basics, it is called ‘Introduction to Augmented Reality’ that basically covers the introductory principles of AR designs, the types associated with it and how the different elements of technology are to be used with it. The second part is 5.6 hours long which explains how to use the Spark AR studios to create different variations of AR experiences with the software along with the effects of music and animations, this stage is called ‘Create Augmented Reality with Spark AR studio’. The third and the final step called ‘Manage AR effects’ is only 25 minutes long which explains how the creator can publish its AR effects projects on Facebook and Instagram and also how to manage them by using Spark AR Insights.

Spark AR Foundations is for anyone who wishes to build or explore their skills with AR and how to submit them on global platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Spark AR team has said in a blog post that as they dive into many exciting possibilities of AR, they will invest the most in the areas of education and training for AR creators at any stage of their career and to expose them with many possibilities and opportunities with AR.

With so many platforms investing with AR, it will only be interesting to see who takes the lead!

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