Snapchat Introduces a New “Safety Snapshot” to Educate Users on Data Privacy

Snapchat launches a new feature called “Safety Snapshot”, as reported by Axios.

Snapchat is always introducing new features every now and then, whether it is bringing updates in the camera, the filters or simply in the settings to make sure that it remains a user friendly and safe place for its users. This week Snapchat launched a new feature in the discover section of its app which is called Safety Snapshot and the feature ensures that the users are educated about the security of their data.

We know that the data shared on the web can be very critical if not used correctly and seeing that a lot of the newer young generation is joining their app, Snapchat decided to introduce this feature and started an excellent initiative through it. Wondering how does the feature work? Well, the outside experts will educate people by posting content tips every month and teach the young users on the app the risks that are associated with the web and how to prevent and protect themselves. The first tips went live today and covered different topics related to protection of user account. The first tips focused on the protective measures of email, phone numbers, and the verification on the app. This will not be all the data literacy that the app will give. As mentioned above the app will put out tips for the users every month and the future installments will focus on other privacy features, for the users to know about their data present online and how to protect themselves from any kind of data mishap on the web or the app.

Snapchat in comparison to other apps in the competitive market ensures the user safety the most and works towards making sure their users have a safe online experience. This is a great initiative taken by Snapchat. With social media being so common nowadays and the fact that the younger generations are more inclined towards it than ever before it is very important to educate them on what is correct and what is not. We love the idea of this new feature and sincerely hope that other apps take a step like this too, other than that we cannot wait to see what other tips will the app show in the future.

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