Twitter Acquires a Newsletter Company Called Revue and Plans to Expand it

Twitter on Tuesday announced that it has teamed up with a newsletter platform for writers and publishers called Revue. Revue is a software which allows writers and publishers free and paid newsletter. The free version lets writers send newsletter up to fifty people while on the paid version the limit of email is up to forty thousand people.

Twitter has big plans for the collaboration and bring about some changes in the software. It will be in full control of the team and plans on further expansion once everything is legally sorted out. Twitter says that it will introduce new features which will make the software way easier to use for the users. Apart from this Twitter will allow people to sign up for newsletter from people they already follow on Twitter and will add new settings which will allow users to host meetings with their subscribers on Twitter. On this Twitter also said that writers can expect some sort of paid compensation depending on how many twitter users they convert to subscribers.

Some other changes that Twitter is bringing about is that the transaction fee of Revue was 6 percent from the paid newsletter revenues and Twitter has decided to cut short it to 5 percent. It will also expand the working team and will make the Revue team responsible for the discovery, reading, and conversational experiences which are centered around the long form content on Twitter in the future.

It also plans on expanding there supercharge revues offering by helping writers grow their paid subscribers list and said they will continue to support writers with other forms of revue down the line.

While we do not know for how much the deal was finalized for acquiring Revue we do know that it was not a lot comparatively to how other companies are bought because the 5-year-old Dutch company has only 5 employees and has raised only three hundred and eighteen thousand dollars.

Twitter encourages all writers, publishers, curators, journalists and all form of creators to join the platform. Twitter claims to help Revue in growing and claims that Revue will remain and independent brand while Twitter will only invest in it but everything will work within Twitter very smoothly.

This is the first step Twitter's first step into building out long-form content experiences on Twitter, and its first foray into subscription revenue.

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